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Suburban Bush

Suburban Bush is from a series of two-dimensional work titled Semiotic Warfare. The series utilizes short, stark, poignant and ironic phrases written in Cherokee syllabary, and a variety of media, to examine postcolonial signifiers that define contemporary geographies, economic markets, political bodies and intercultural intercourse throughout North America. In this work the Cherokee syllabary becomes a transformative medium of Cherokee propagation and cultural/political self-determination. By engaging the viewer, the architecture of a particular space and the broader contexts of a particularized regional geography the work becomes a semiotic vehicle of hemispherical decolonization — physically, politically and cognitively.











Semiotic Warfare: Suburban Bush, 2008
Mixed media (video with sound, automobile paint and acrylic mirror on wood panels), 46″ x 12″. Featured in the exhibition Chaos Theory 9 at Legend City Studios, Phoenix, Arizona. Image courtesy of Jason Grubb, Legend City Studios.